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MAIS-631 Advanced Akhlaq and Spirituality

Spring 2021: This class will introduce the students to the Islamic concept of akhlāq, iḥsān, and ethics, and how they has been understood by various authorities and strands across Islamic history. The course will have multiple tracks, to reflect the various ideas and concepts under this broad discipline. There will be an academic track, in which people and concepts will be introduced. As well, we shall study sections from Imam al-Bukhārī’s al-Adab al-Mufrad, which is one of the source books on Islamic manners. On most weeks we will also tackle a very specific issue within the realm of ethics and discuss Islamic values surrounding them.

MAIS-602 Advanced Hadith Sciences

Fall 2020: This course is an introduction to the in-depth study of the status, collection, classification, and codification of ḥadīth. It explores the history of the evolution of the sciences of ḥadīth and receive an introduction to the primary books of the Sunnī ḥadīth canons, along with an analysis of the role of ḥadīth within Sunnīsm and other strands of Islam (including those movements that reject ḥadīth).A significant portion of the course deals with Western debates over the reliability of ḥadīths and the responses generated to that debate.